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The creation of the name CoMedic comes from the particles Co- which means Joint or Together and Medic which means particles related to medical and health matters. CoMedic is a mobile application that is here to help the community in terms of medical consultation, both physically and mentally. In addition, we also focus on disseminating reliable information about health. In addition to health and information, we also focus on supporting user happiness. CoMedic comes in a variety of features. Our main features are Doctor Consult, Psychologist Consult, Healthy Lifestyle, Covid Lifestyle, and Entertainment. Entertainment itself consists of two, One Sentence Journal and various casual games that can be played alone and together. I’m not working alone here, I named my team “The Introverts” for no reason, haha. They are Regina, Rabbi, Imam, Difara, and Including me. All of the team play the role as a UI/UX


Here’s the list of the feature that we want to establish in the apps: Self Medical Checkup, Online Consultation, Real-Time Stats, Covid19 Cases, and Entertainment. We finish the project using the Design Thinking Framework, so we start all from scratch. Start from Empahatise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Finish with Testing.


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Hey, It's Muzakki 🧔🏻

Comedy is the perfect way to unwind after work. If you’re in Jakarta, please check my gig schedule, come and let me entertain you! 🎃 Hi, my name is Muz, and I’m a designer who also do comedy. Come and see more.

I started my design career by volunteering in a comedy club community for 2 years. Afterward, I worked professionally as a graphic designer for 2 years, exploring design stuff like social media, logo, and brand design.

Currently, I am focused on designing digital products. Start with conducting research, generating ideas, creating flowcharts, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs to solve user problems. After two years of being a pro UI/UX designer, my pursuit of perfection is unwavering. I’m constantly pushing myself to excel and create top-notch designs that truly resonate with users.

I am currently seeking new opportunities to join a new team. With over 4+ years of experience in visual design, I believe I can make significant contributions to any design needs. So, feel free to reach out to me anytime, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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